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Ice breaking the refrigerator online market "different red"

In January 18th, China Household Electrical Research Institute held the annual meeting of China refrigerator industry in 2015, Bing Xuwei, Dean of the China Home Electrical Research Institute, Cai Ying, deputy director of the Information Resources Development Department of the National Information Center, Cheng Jianhong, a researcher at the China Institute of standards, and Duan Zhao, the professor of information management at the Huazhong Normal University, and from the United States and Boxi. More than 100 representatives of mainstream enterprises such as appliances, Hisense, MeiLing, Xinfei, TCL, LG, Konka and so on gathered together to conspire to develop the refrigerator industry.
Mr. Zuo, general manager of the brand center of Beijing aaon era Market Research Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting and shared the report on the market analysis of the ecommerce in the refrigerator industry in 2015, and was highly concerned by the guests. Zuo Yanque said that with the end of household appliances and other policies, home appliances market bid farewell to the era of high growth, and began to enter the period of consolidation and industrial upgrading, the continuous expansion of network retail permeability to promote the rapid development of electrical appliances. However, under the impact of macroeconomic depression, real estate downturn and other factors, the refrigerator market is under line and line of ice and ice, the market size of the refrigerator electricity market continues to rise, or will help the overall market ice to warm. In the third quarter of 2015, the retail volume and volume ratio of the refrigerator online were 26.6% and 15.6%, respectively, by 10.7 and 5.3 percentage points compared to the same period last year.
The online promotion Festival has become a new normal of the promotion rhythm of the whole year. The traditional festivals are affected by the online holiday market. The sales volume has been spread evenly. The canyon zone between the top of the traditional sales peak is gradually filled up by the electric business promotion. The 618, double and 11 Electric Business Festival in the traditional selling season is to create the peak in the off-season sale. In addition, from the 1-45 weeks of the refrigerator line, the sales ratio of every week under the line, whether it is traditional festivals or e-commerce Festival, the online and offline market fluctuations converge.
The market share of the refrigerator line has been accelerated, and the market share of multi door and open door market continues to expand; the market share of air cooling and wind cooling products has been significantly improved; large capacity and high end products show the top angle. The weekly monitoring data of the China Yikang line show that the retail volume of large volume and measure products of 400 litres or above is 24.4% in 1-10 months, up 4. from the year of 2014. 8 percentage points.
The price competition in the online market is still fierce. According to the category, the average price of the market has decreased to a different degree, of which three, the average price of the open door refrigerator is more obvious, and the 1-10 month decrease of 18.8% and 12.5% respectively. The change of the share of retail sales in the past five brands shows that online brand concentration has declined, brand competition has intensified, and some brands have been significantly improved online.
Zuo Yanque believes that the future development of e-commerce needs products and users as the core, do not overemphasize the market promotion, ignore the intermediate manufacturing links, and should do better product positioning, research and development and quality monitoring, after all, good products can win more users.

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